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 the Great Right Now

and wouldn't it be something
if our favorite past time
became not to pass time
but to learn to make it stop
to learn to stay 
in the wake
of the Great Right Now
and grab hold 
e v e r y t h i n g
it had to give

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an ode to the ordinary

to live in the Little
in the land of No-One-Sees
to be faithful in the common
in the Here-We-Go-Again
to show up in the simple
in the Day-To-Day, today
these are the ways 
in which
we are most brave

the Not-So-Sure

courage is not found

in the having no fear

but rather

in the doing it anyway-

in the taking that breath

that first step

that plunge

into the deep

of the Not-So-Sure

and in turning back

& being able to say

look how far I've come

breath & being

and wouldn't you agree

that her beauty is not

in what she puts on

but in what she takes in

and gives out

and that her very breath and being

is something to behold?

an ode to adventure

they say home is where the heart is

but what if

you've left behind


in phases,

in New-To-You places,

in slow & steady stages,

in the Discovering of spaces,

& the Friendliness of faces,


little by little

your heart is

e v e r y w h e r e ?

a slew of strangers

to collect books is to stack

w o r l d s

on top of each other,

to squeeze

a d v e n t u r e

onto a shelf,

to hold a company of Heroes hostage,

to invite  a slew of strangers to stay awhile

to build a k i n g d o m 

of words right under your roof--

to collect books is to

g a t h e r   u p

pieces and parts of yourself

that stay with you long after

the last page

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